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XRM Workshop

“4th generation synchrotrons are here! – and now what?”

Challenges and opportunities in instrumentation & science
  • Date: Sunday, August 11th
  • Time: 9:00 – 16:30
  • Location: Rydberg room @ Fysikum (Lund Physics Department)
  • Organizers: Pablo Villanueva-Perez & Martin Bech
  • Fee: 22 euro, which covers lunch & 2 coffee breaks, max. 100 people
  • Register: send an email to, with ‘Workshop‘ in the title

Confirmed speakers: Saša Bajt (CFEL, DESY) Christian Schlepütz (TOMCAT, PSI) Luca Gelisio (EuXFEL)

A program with presentations and discussions on topics such as:


  • Bigger/better/faster detectors?
  • Ideal mirrors & other optics?
  • More in situ & in operando sample environments?
  • Can the sample handle it?


  • More data, more problems: what can we learn from FELs?
  • How to streamline data analysis?
  • What about automation, AI & machine learning?


  • Which new experiments are now possible/on the horizon?
  • Which fields, which techniques or which effects will come to the fore?


  • What’s the next step?
  • Is there a limit?
  • Smaller beams, not always better?