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16th International Conference on

X-Ray Microscopy

August 12 – 16, 2024

Stadshallen, Lund, Sweden

Note: the XRM-emblem was designed by Maik Kahnt (MAX IV), and reproduced by Mattias Åstrand (Biomedical and X-Ray Physics, KTH Stockholm, Sweden) in gold on Si3N4, with nanofabrication methods also used for making Fresnel zone plates. The measurement was performed at the SoftiMAX beamline of MAX IV by Karina Thånell.

Keynote Speaker

MPI for Multi-disciplinary Sciences Göttingen & MPI for Medical Research, Heidelberg | Germany

Stefan Hell

Winner of the 2014 Kavli prize for Nanoscience, and joint Nobel prize winner in Chemistry, 2014, for the development of STED (STimulated Emission Depletion) microscopy, the first light-focusing microscope with a resolution at the nanoscale. Stefan Hell and his team have shattered Abbe’s diffraction-limited resolution barrier, which was long regarded an absolute limit.

Recently, a fresh look at the basic physical principles underlying nanoscopy has spawned more new concepts. In particular, MINFLUX imaging (nanoscopy with MINimal photon FLUXes) has been pioneered in the Hell Labs, obtaining the ultimate (super)resolution: the size of a molecule (~1 nm), which is now used to create unprecedented measurement capabilities for the life sciences and beyond.

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Invited speakers

Volker Rose
Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) | USA
Advanced Photon Source (APS)
Topic: achieving atomic resolution with soft-x-ray STM-STXM

Anne L’Hullier
Lund University | Sweden
Division of Atomic Physics, Faculty of Engineering
Topic: attosecond science and its connection to large-scale X-ray facilities

Jumpei Yamada
Osaka University | Japan 
Department of Precision Engineering
Topic: advanced Kirkpatrick-Baez mirrors with ultra-focus

Marie-Ingrid Richard
CEA Grenoble | France
ESRF synchrotron
Topic: in situ/operando electrochemistry in coherent diffraction imaging

Henning Friis Poulsen
Technical University of Denmark | Denmark
Department of Physics
Topic: outlook on multiscale 3D X-ray imaging & characterization with hard X-rays

Kaye Morgan
Monash University, Melbourne| Australia
School of Physics and Astronomy
Topic: medical phase contrast and dark-field imaging

Tilman A. Grünewald
Institut Fresnel Marseille | France
Coherent Microscopy and X-rays (COMIX)
Topic: multi-scale and multi-modal x-ray imaging on bones and biominerals

Claire Donnelly
MPI for Chemical Physics of Solids | Dresden | Germany
Lise Meitner research group, Spin 3D
Topic: X-ray magnetic imaging with laminography

Kyle Frohna
Unversity of Cambridge | UK
Optoelectronics group
Topic: multi-modal imaging and x-ray nanoprobe diffraction on perovskite systems

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