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Preliminary Program

09:00 – 16:30 – XRM Workshop

17:30 – 20:00 – Welcome Reception at Stadshallen

Mon Koncertsalen Amfi
09:00 Opening
09:30 Volker Rose
Characterization of Just One Atom using Synchrotron X-rays
10:00 Tomas Aidukas
Extended depth-of-field X-ray tomography at 4 nm resolution
10:20 Nick Phillips
Synchrotron X-ray beam motion by electron source position scanning
10:40 Coffee
11:00 Graziela C. Sedenho
Using X-ray microscopy and nanospectroelectrochemistry to explore metalloenzyme reactions
Yusei Ito
Gigapixel X-ray Spectromicroscopy Data Analysis by Clustering
11:30 Francesca Rossi
Impact of osteosarcoma cells differentiation on biomineralization and mitochondrial morphology through cryo-XANES and cryo-STX
WMI – Yuhe Zhang
Physics-inspired deep learning approaches for 2D, 3D, and 4D X-ray imaging
11:50 Kajsa Sigfridsson Clauss
Rapid hyperspectral mapping à la Balder beamline
Masaki Abe
X-ray ptychographic and fluorescence microscopy using virtual single-pixel imaging based deconvolution
12:10 WMI – Chunyang Zhang
In Situ Studies of Copper-based Catalysts for Electrochemical CO2 Reduction by STXM and X-ray Spectro-Ptychography
Wiebe Stolp
Towards ptycho(tomo)graphy with a hyperspectral detector
12:30 Lunch
13:40 Henning Friis Poulsen
Dark Field X-ray Microscopy
14:10 Marie-Christine Zdora
Advancements in X-ray speckle-based imaging across time and length scales
Silvio Fuchs
Material-specific XUV coherence tomography driven by high harmonic generation
14:30 Silvia Cipiccia
Dark field x-ray imaging at the femtosecond using a laser driven x-ray source
Di Qu
An Achromatic Laboratory Full-Field Transmission X-ray Microscope
14:50 Ginevra Lautizi
Speckle-based tensor tomography: a versatile full-field dark-field signal extraction method for tomographic reconstructions
Till Dreier
X-ray nano-tomography at high acceleration voltages for highly attenuating samples in electronics inspection and battery research
15:10 WMI – Samantha Alloo
Rapid dark-field X-ray imaging using intrinsic speckle-tracking
Wenjie Yu
Rapid measurement of the fiber texture of materials using conventional X-ray sources under polychromatic condition
15:30 Coffee
16:00 Poster Slam
16:50 Sponsor Intro
17:30 Posters A
Tue Koncertsalen Amfi
09:00 Anne L’Hullier
09:45 Hannes Hoeppe
X-ray imaging of cavitation dynamics with free-electron laser pulses
10:05 Eunyoung Park
XFEL single-pulse time-resolved imaging of ultrafast melting in Au nanorod
10:55 Coffee
11:15 Jumpei Yamada
Ultra-intense XFEL 7 nm focusing with advanced KB mirror
Tobias Schulli
Nanoscale sub nanosecond spatio-temporal imaging of structure and dynamics through full field hard x-ray diffraction microscopy
11:45 WMI – Takenori Shimamura
Ultracompact Kirkpatrick-Baez mirror for forming 20-nm achromatic soft-X-ray focus toward multimodal and multicolor analyses
Marcus Newton
Imaging Multiferroic Nanocrystals in Three-Dimensions using Coherent X-rays
12:05 Tim Salditt
Advances in X-ray Waveguide Optics for Nano- Holography
Tim Butcher
Coherent diffractive imaging of ferroic nanomaterials
12:25 Berit Marx-Glowna
High sensitive X-ray polarization microscopy
WMI – Cedric Corley-Wiciak
Revealing the Full Strain Tensor for Semiconductor Technology
12:45 Lunch*
13:45 Tilman A. Grünewald
Multi-modal, multi-scale x-ray imaging of bone and biominerals
Hanfei Yan
Multimodal x-ray nano-tomography: achieving three-dimensional imaging of elemental, chemical, and morphological distributions with fast speed
14:15 Christian Schlepütz
Revealing sound-induced motion patterns in auditory systems with retrospectively gated time-resolved X-ray microtomography
Dmitry Karpov
Nanotomography reveals mesoscale topological defects that support long-range order in self-assembly networks
14:35 Maria Pierantoni
Investigating the relation between microstructure and mechanical response in the meniscus by in situ loading and synchrotron phase contrast tomography
Mukul Jaiswal
Millisecond temporal resolution X-ray computed tomography to investigate interfacial fluctuations in multiphase flow
14:55 Satoru Egawa
Observation of mammalian living cells by a femtosecond single pulse exposure using a transmission microscope with a soft X-ray free electron laser and Wolter mirrors
Hongjian Wang
Neuromorphic X-ray imaging
15:15 Michela Esposito / Alessandro Olivo
High content volumetric histology with subcellular resolution using a laboratory-based x-ray microscope
Silja Flenner
Dual-Beam X-ray Nano Holotomography
15:35 Coffee
16:00 Poster Slam
16:50 Sponsor Intro
17:00 Posters B

* WMI lunch speakers (TBD): Kutukova – DE, C. Yang – AUS, P-T. Lee – USA

Wed Koncertsalen Amfi
09:00 Marie-Ingrid Richard
Imaging nanocrystals using in situ Bragg coherent diffraction imaging
Jeffrey Neethirajan
Soft X-ray phase nano-microscopy of micrometre-thick magnets
09:30 Xu Ding
In-situ observation of lithium plating and stripping by synchrotron-based soft X-ray microscopy
WMI – Wilhelm Eschen
High-speed, high-resolution, and material-specific EUV ptychography
09:50 Sarah Wieghold (tbc)
The Hard X-ray In-situ Nanoprobe Beamline at APS: Enabling Multimodal, In-situ and Operando Studies of Energy Materials
Christoph Pratsch
A new decomposing algorithm for X-ray absorption spectro-microscopy
10:10 Coffee
10:30 Kaye Morgan
X-ray phase and dark-field imaging: Biomedical applications motivating novel imaging approaches
Bi-Hsuan Lin
The capabilities of XEOL, TR-XEOL, and HB-T interferometer of TPS 23A X-ray nanoprobe beamline
11:00 Ana Diaz
3D-Imaging of synapses in nervous tissues using X-ray ptychography
WMI – Rebecca Spiecker
Dose-efficient propagation-based X-ray phase contrast imaging at high and low resolution by Bragg crystal optics
11:20 Jette Alfken
X-ray phase contrast tomography of human organoids: from laboratory to synchrotron source
Stephan Werner
Nanoscale spectromicroscopy in the tender X-ray regime enabled by a novel multilayer-based grating monochromator
11:40 WMI – Jakob Reichmann
From protein aggregates to intact organs: 3D tissue characterization across scales by X-ray phase-contrast tomography
Kyota Yoshinaga
Development of Soft X-ray Full-Field Microscopy for High-Speed Spectroscopic Imaging
12:00 Lunch*
13:00 Posters A
Excursions… TBA

* WMI lunch speakers (TBD): Kutukova – DE, C. Yang – AUS, P-T. Lee – USA

Thu Koncertsalen Amfi
09:00 Joan Vila-Comamala
Achromatic and Apochromatic X-ray Lenses
Sufal Swaraj
Chasing ion migration with soft and hard x-rays: Vapor deposited metal halide Perovskite films under electrical stress
09:30 Martin de Jonge
Optimisation of Aspect-Ratio-Limited Zone Plates
Hélio Tolentino
Beam Damage and Mitigation in Metal Halide Perovskites under High Brilliance X-ray Photon Sources
09:50 Mattias Åstrand
Adaptive multi-beam ptychography
WMIKyle Frohna
Probing Defects and Stability in Halide Perovskite Solar Cells with Multimodal Correlative Microscopy
10:10 Coffee
10:30 Stefan Hell
Molecule-scale resolution and dynamics in fluorescence microscopy
11:30 Marina Eckermann
3D characterization of Gleason grades in prostate carcinoma by X-ray nano-holotomography
11:50 Daniel Wüstner
Combined fluorescence and soft X-ray microscopy of intracellular membranes in neurodegenerative diseases
12:10 XRM 2028 pitch?
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Claire Donnelly
Three Dimensional Magnetisation and Orientation Fields revealed with Dichroic Ptychographic Tomography
Eva Pereiro
Advances towards cryo correlative Light-X-ray Tomography (CLXT) at the Mistral beamline
14:00 Bastian Pfau
Coherent soft-X-ray Imaging of Fluctuations and Disorder in Magnetic Thin Films
Adam Leontowich
Fragmentation of hunting bullets observed with synchrotron radiation: Lighting up the source of a lesser-known lead exposure pathway
14:20 Joerg Strempfer
3D Imaging of Magnetic Domains in Nd2Fe14B using Scanning Hard X-Ray Nanotomography
Carlos Pérez
Nanoscopic XRF analysis to elucidate the role of eco-corona on the mixture ecotoxicity of graphene oxide and copper in the Daphnia model for advanced water research
14:40 Coffee
15:00 Sina Röper
Stereoscopic hard X-ray ptychography
Valentina Bonanni
Recent Investigations in Environmental Science at TwinMic Beamline
15:20 Eleni Myrto Asimakopoulou
XMPI – Rotation-free multi-projection imaging
Talita Ferreira
Multiscale tomography applied to topics in soil and  plant sciences: first commissioning experiments at the MOGNO beamline
15:40 Tang Li
Current development status of multibeam Ptychography up to 20keV: Opportunities and Challenges
Emil Visby Østergaard
Nano-tomography for in vivo sub-cellular plant physiology
16:00 Posters A
Malmö – Conference Dinner
Fri Koncertsalen Amfi
09:30 WMI and Poster Awards
10:00 Adrian Rodriguez-Palomo
Multimodal hierarchical imaging on the structure of narwhal tusk
10:20 Meg Willans
Metals in plant-pathogen interactions: a suit of armour or a knife in the back?
10:40 Coffee
11:10 Itamar Neckel
Investigating magnetic domains in Ni2MnGa films through STXM- XMCD
11:30 Update on XRM 2026
11:45 Summary
12:15 Closing Remarks
12:30 Lunch
13:45 Lab Tour 1
14:30 Lab Tour 2
16:00 End